Opensource Tool to Speed Up and Scale the Web Development Process

Building a web application using a monolithic architecture with a single code base is quite challenging due to many reasons,

  • The code will grow in complexity and size.
  • It adversely affects Developer Experience (DX) since it takes longer for the build, test execution, and application startup.
  • Getting harder to understand the entire code and locate the errors.
  • Debugging process harder and longer.
  • The whole application has to be rebuilt and redeployed after each upgrade.
  • Adapting to new technologies is extremely expensive and time-consuming.

These reasons drive us to build applications with greater modularity allowing more developers to contribute with less…

CSS is finally catching up with the component-driven revolution, using the new container and scope queries

Component-driven development has become a very popular development strategy. This, in turn, has spawned many great tools to support CDD, with the most notable one being Bit (which, essentially, solves most challenges presented by the CDD approach and unlocks scale for many apps).

However, there’s one thing that couldn’t keep up with this evolution: CSS!

The wait is over!

CSS is about to revolutionize the concept of responsive design by introducing some new queries. These will directly enhance the component-based design landscape.

Let me give you a brief insight into them in this article.

The switch from page-based to container-based responsive designs using @container.

Most of us still depend on…

Routing in React applications using the Hookrouter

Routing is essential for Single Page Applications (SPAs) to navigate through pages and to initialize state. With React, I’m sure most of you have used react-router-dom, a variant of the Reactrouter library for routing.

However, with React hooks’ introduction, a new module known as the Hookrouter has been launched very recently as a flexible, fast router based on hooks.

This article will focus on how we can use the Hookrouter module to replicate the Reactrouter’s basic functionalities.

To demonstrate the features of Hookrouter I will be using a product store front example with four basic components namely Nav.js, Home.js, About.js…

Avoiding runtime errors using frontend monitoring tools

As developers, we always push our limits to test our applications before they go live. As we all know, no matter how far we test, runtime issues are inevitable. Therefore, monitoring every aspect of the application is a must.

This article will introduce 5 different tools to monitor the web application frontends live in the user’s browser.


A Brilliant method to solve problems by breaking them down into smaller, repetitive problems

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

Have you ever tried typing the word “recursion” in the google search?

Here is what the search results show.

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